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Makeup eBooks

Professional Makeup Made Easy eBook

Our signature bundle with all of our guides, cheatsheets, and advanced tips.
for beginners and advanced students


Hooded Eye Makeup Guide eBook

All our makeup secrets for hooded eyes are inside this step by step hooded eye makeup guide.
for beginners and advanced students


Mature Skin Makeup Guide eBook

How to apply makeup step by step for women over 40 with our signature anti-aging makeup tips
Learn mature skin makeup secrets | for beginners and pros

makeup made easy guide ebook

Makeup Made Easy mini guide eBook

Get started with makeup with this step by step makeup and pro cheat sheets eBook

for beginners and intermediates | included in the Professional makeup made easy eBook

More resources for Makeup Professionals...

Pro Makeup Kit Checklist

Our professional makeup kit checklist with all the essential makeup products and tools you'll need as a makeup professional with links to recommended products by our makeup instructor.
for intermediates and advanced students or makeup professional

makeup contract and consultation form mock up

Full Makeup Artist Contract for intake clients

Included are a ready-to-use makeup consultation form, bridal/wedding makeup contract, photo release form, makeup release form and more essential forms for makeup professionals.
for advanced students and makeup professionals

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