...Level up your Makeup Skills the right way!

  • Quick-wins Makeup eBooks and printable guides
  • All the Makeup Fundamentals + Pro tips
  • A Visual Guide to process the Makeup theory in the best way
  • 5 Pro Makeup Resources in 1-Bundle
  • Face Chart Workbook included to practice your new skills

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What you get:

Makeup Guide + Makeup Face charts workbook + Pro eyeshadow guide + Color Theory for Makeup + Pro Makeup kit checklist

Get to know the basics and advanced makeup tips with a visual, easy-to-read guide!

What's inside the Bundle?

Every Makeup guide you need as a beginner or pro, Makeup charts, professional tips, and more!

makeup made easy guide ebook


Includes the popular Makeup Made Easy eBook where you can find
guides for lipstick, blush, contour, color correction, eyebrows, and eyeshadow makeup

Color theory guide mock up


Learn the Color theory for makeup to mix, create or fix any foundation, and concealer shades like a pro!

Eyeshadow guide mock up


Learn about eye makeup techniques to apply eyeshadow in the correct order and with the right formula. Lessons like combining eyeshadow with lipstick and 5 essential eyeliner techniques are included.

blank face chart for makeup


Never worry about getting a model to practice, design, and get creative with your makeup looks with the 7 full professional blank face charts included in the workbook.

Professional makeup kit checklist mock up


A complete makeup products checklist that will guide you with everything you need for face makeup, eye makeup, lip make up, professional tools and makeup brushes

About your instructor

The founder of Real Beauty School, Valeria Heredia, is a Certified Makeup Artist dedicated to staying up to date on the oncoming makeup trends and teaching them in the best possible way to each and every person who joins the Real beauty School Community.
Valeria opened this Online Beauty School 2 years ago to be a caring, communicative haven for people of all ages to address their Makeup struggles.
When Valeria isn't using her magic touch to create flawless makeup looks, she's creating guides and tutorials with the most updated practices and techniques for her readers.

profile picture of valeria heredia

Apply Makeup Like a Pro with the Ultimate Professional Makeup Bundle!


Regular price $93
70% off!
Now Only $27

*Limited-time offer

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...The information is so detailed and thorough, I love reading everything in it. I am a makeup artist and have also done hair for some years but it’s so nice to hear someone else’s perspective.

— Karen J.


Is this only for beginners?

The Guides included in the Bundle are perfect for beginners and intermediates. But some Makeup artists also love it because of all the makeup cheatsheets and face charts it includes. So it is a helpful resource for beginners, intermediates, and pros.

Will I receive a physical book?

No. The Bundle includes digital files including an eBook and pdf files that you can print out unlimited times to have in hand or read from your computer, tablet, or phone.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of the products, all sales of products and/or services on this website are final.
No refunds will be issued.

We truly believe in giving more than receiving and each of our products and services is designed by keeping this core principle in mind.

The prices are intentionally kept reasonably low in price as compared to market value to give you the tools and information you need at an affordable price.

Will I be receiving future updates?

YES. Every time your instructor adds more helpful tips and cheat sheets to the guides included in this bundle you will receive your updated copy directly to your inbox for FREE.

Apply makeup like a pro with the Ultimate Professional Makeup Bundle!


Regular price $93
70% off!
Now Only $27

*Limited-time offer

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